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Below are images of our signature cake list;  a list meticulously crafted by our talented pastry chefs. These are the uniquely decorated signature cakes we offer, and above is the link to the menu. The menu has information on sizing and prices. 

 Classic Birthday

Confetti cake with vanilla buttercream inside and out. A white chocolate drip along the top with confetti sprinkles!


Triple Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream inside and out. A semi-sweet chocolate drip along the top with chocolate sticks!

Chocolate Lover's

Chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips baked in. Rich chocolate ganache filling with chocolate buttercream on the outside. A semi-sweet chocolate drip dusted cocoa powder and mini chocolate chips!

Raspberry Truffle:

Our chocolate lover's cake, adding a layer of raspberry jam on the inside and fresh raspberries on top!

ABC Marble

Marble cake with layers of ganache and vanilla pastry cream. Vanilla buttercream on the outside and a marbled chocolate drip on the top with chocolate sticks!



 Berries and Almond Cake

Almond cake with layers of raspberry (or apricot) jam and vanilla pastry cream. Almond buttercream on the outside, toasted almonds along the bottom border and an assortment of fresh berries on top. 

Maine Blueberry and Lemon

Sweet lemon cake with one layer of tart lemon curd on the inside. Blueberry buttercream on the outside and topped with fresh blueberries and lemon zest.

Hibiscus Lemonade Cake 

Our blueberry and lemon cake, but substituting the blueberry for hibiscus. 

Rose and Chamomile Cake

Chamomile cake with a light pink rose water buttercream inside and out. With delicate dried rose petals on top. 

Honey Lavender Cake

Vanilla cake soaked with honey syrup, with lemon zest pastry cream inside and a light purple lavender flavored buttercream outside! Topped with a white chocolate drip, lavender flower leaves and lemon zest. 


 Strawberry Champagne Cake

Light pink vanilla cake with a strawberry champagne compote and a light pink colored champagne buttercream. Decorated with fresh strawberries and gold sparkles!

Matcha Ginger Cake

Matcha cake layers filled with ginger pastry cream and a light green colored vanilla buttercream on the outside. Topped with a white chocolate drip, candied ginger and dusted with matcha. 

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips baked in. Spicy ganache filling inside and a chocolate cinnamon buttercream outside. Tipped with a semi-sweet drip and dusted with cinnamon. 

Vanilla Latte

Vanilla cake soaked with coffee syrup, with vanilla pastry cream inside and coffee buttercream on the outside. A white chocolate drip and a light dusting of nutmeg on top. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Chocolate cake with a hazelnut pastry cream filling and hazelnut buttercream. On top is a semi-sweet chocolate drip, toasted hazelnuts, and chocolate sticks. 

 Cookies and Cream

Chocolate cake with cookies and cream buttercream. Crushed cookies on the inside and on the top. 

Peanut Butter Blossom Cake

Chocolate cake with smooth peanut butter buttercream inside and out. On top is ganache with crushed peanut butter cups. 

Carrot Cake

Thick layers of carrot cake with walnuts, cream cheese icing inside and out and toasted coconut on the sides. Cute frosting carrots decorate the top!

Red Velvet Cake

Thick layers of red velvet cake with cream cheese icing inside and out. Red velvet cake crumbs on the sides with chocolate scroll work on the top. 

German Chocolate Cake

Thick layers of chocolate cake with german chocolate filling on the inside. Chocolate buttercream on the outside, more filling on the top and some toasted coconut along the bottom border. 


 Italian Rum Cake

Almond cake soaked with rum, with layers of vanilla and chocolate pastry creams. Vanilla buttercream and toasted almonds on the outside. 


Two thin layers of lady finger sponge cake soaked with espresso and amaretto. Layered with whipped cream and mascarpone filling. 

Black Forest Cake

Two thin layers of chocolate cake soaked with cherry liquor. With rich chocolate mousse, whipped cream, ganache, and Griotte cherries. 

Strawberry Shortcake

Two layers of vanilla sponge cake with vanilla diplomat cream and fresh strawberries throughout. Piled with more fresh strawberries on top. 

Pistachio and Orange Cake

Pistachio cake with orange diplomat cream and a light green colored vanilla buttercream on the outside. Topped with a white chocolate drip, toasted pistachios and orange slices. 


 Coconut Cream Cake

Coconut sponge cake with layers of coconut diplomat cream and whipped cream. Ask to add fresh berries on top. 

Boston Cream

Layers of vanilla cake with vanilla pastry cream and a thick layer of semi-sweet chocolate ganache and chocolate curls on top. 

Brownie Cheesecake

Layers of brownie and vanilla cheesecake with a thick layer of mousse. Topped with ganache! Flavor options change seasonally. 

Mousse Cake

Two layers of sponge cake with two thick layers of fruit mousse. Flavor options change seasonally- ask what's available! 


Plain, with a colorful assortment of fresh fruit is available year round. Other flavor options change seasonally, ask what's available! Turtle, Oreo, Raspberry Swirl, Pumpkin, Lemon Curd. 


 Swedish Princess Torte
Vanilla cake with pastry cream, whipped cream, and a thin layer of raspberry jam. Shaped into a dome, covered with marzipan and a single elegant rose on top. (Only one size)
Not a fan of traditional cake? Get an extra large cookie instead! Choose either our chocolate chunk or sugar dough cookie with a buttercream border in a color of your choosing and sprinkles! 
Fresh Fruit Tart
Filled with vanilla pastry cream or lemon curd and topped with a variety of fresh fruit and berries.